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Upper Kirby Mediation Center

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-----We are here to serve you and assist in the resolution of your civil legal problem through a confidential mediation or arbitration. Here parties can eliminate the risk of litigation and achieve a swift, certain result, usually at far less expense than the cost necessary to take a case to trial at the courthouse.

-----In mediation, parties have control over the outcome of the process. In arbitration, the parties agree on a neutral arbitrator or panel of arbitrators to hear the evidence in a case in a private setting and render a binding decision.

-----The mediators and arbitrators at The Upper Kirby Mediation Center are respected former judges with over forty years of combined judicial experience and nearly sixty years of combined experience as attorneys practicing in Texas.

-----Hon. Katie Kennedy and Hon. Kathy Stone tried thousands of cases as judges. Since leaving the bench, both of these respected former jurists have mediated and arbitrated hundreds of cases to successful resolutions. Hon Katie Kennedy has over twelve years experience as a mediator and arbitrator, and Hon. Kathy Stone has over a decade of experience as a mediator and arbitrator.

-----Contact us to schedule a mediation or arbitration by calling 713-807-1700 or by clicking the tab above. Our office is conveniently located at 2310 Richton Street in the Upper Kirby area of Houston near the intersection of Kirby Drive and Richmond Avenue. We offer an attractive mediation and arbitration environment for your civil, family, or probate case. Plentiful free parking and complimentary WIFI are available at our facility.

Upper Kirby Mediation Center
2310 Richton, Suite B
Houston, TX 77098
(713) 807-1700 Phone
(713) 807-1703 Fax

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